Coach’s Corner: Coach Fedderson

Semi Owolabi

Overall we see that coach Ferderson has had to navigate a multitude of variables. Such as the transition from online to in-person and having a round-robin of players. But despite those challenges, she has been able to keep a positive attitude and create a cohesive and successful girls volleyball team. This insight further shows her ability to adapt to numerous amount of situations as a coach. And the flexibility that the job entails mainly as one has to balance multiple different personalities and plays styles all in one group.

In addition to coaching, coach Federson is also involved in marketing, running, and heading the school store. While not necessarily coaching in the sense of a sport, many of her abilities and talents in coaching apply in this area. She is managing and directing a multitude of kids into one cohesive unit for a better goal. The launch of the school store has been another aspect of her coaching as she’s added something else to her already packed plate.