Coach’s Corner: Coach Nash

Kristina Ivanov, Staff Writer

Coach Nash and her cheer team
Wheeler cheer has experienced multiple setbacks over the past few years. From not having enough people on the team to not having a coach, the cheer program has improved drastically. Whitney Nash became the head cheerleading coach for the 2021-2022 season and has turned the program around. I got a chance to sit down with Coach Nash and ask her a few questions. I started off by asking her what goals she has for herself or as a coach for the cheer program. “As for myself as a coach, I would like to build the program to a positive place for all athletes. I would like to create more structure in all aspects. last year was good but I hope to have it a little better this year” responded coach Nash. I also asked her what her favorite memory at wheeler has been so far and she said “Ultimately, going to state. Beginning at sectionals and finding out we’re going to state and celebrating with the team. That is one of the memories I’ll never forget”. I also got a chance to talk with a few cheerleaders and get their opinions on Coach Nash. Amelia Payne a senior stated “ Coach Nash was a very supportive Coach who worked hard to make sure we had a good season. She positively impacted my season by making sure we were happy and we had fun at practices, games, and competitions”. Blossom Nzenwata, another senior on all three teams said “I was definitely satisfied with this season, we made state and that’s all I wanted”. Overall Coach Nash has had a good first year Coaching and is excited for many more.